Our clients expect results. We get results and here’s the proof.

98% increase in CTR after implementing responsive display best practices

B2B | paid media | DISPLAY ADS

We focused on implementing responsive display best practices for our client’s image ads. We coupled this with changes to their audience targeting by updating their ads  to custom intent audiences – in order to achieve the resulting CTR improvements.

Q3 to Q4 we saw a 123% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads

saas | paid media | search ads

Q4 was our first full quarter with this client. We updated ad copy, changed out landing pages, prioritized re-marketing audiences, managed keywords (adding more targeted keywords and pausing wasters), and restructured their google ads to give us more control over which keywords our budget was being allocated toward.

70% increase in revenue and 37% decrease in ACoS Month-over-month

e-commerce | paid media | amazon
  • Purchased an amazon ads management tool called Sellics.
  • Researched an extensive list of keywords for each product.
  • Created a campaign for each product.
  • Grouped keywords into ad groups based on relevance to the product, using only exact match.
  • Set up automated rules in Sellics to manage keywords and bids.

96% increase in conversions Year-over-Year (YOY), 14% decrease in cost/conversion YoY (comparing 2019 with 2018)

b2c | paid media | search ads

We focused on long-tail localized keywords in our search ads. We expanded to Bing and Google Local Service Ads for our high-ticket services.

30% increase in conversion rate

b2c | conversion rate optimization

We ran a CRO test rearranging a popular page on the site, which ended up boosting conversion rates by 30% on mobile.

Conversion Rate increased by 8.62%Year-over-Year

b2c | conversion rate optimization

Our client had a universal form across their pages for users to request a free estimate. We suggested that they make this element stand out more. We consulted with their web development team and decided to change the color of the form to make the form stand out more.

As a result, the conversion rate for this specific conversion increased by 8.62% year over year across the site.

218% Increase in ROAS Year-over-Year

b2c | paid media | search ads

In Q1, we focused on improving a real estate brokerage’s sellers mobile conversion rate to increase ROAS Year-over-Year. Here are the steps we took:

  • We broke out campaigns for home sellers by device
  • tested multiple variations of a mobile landing page and found a clear winner
  • updated ad copy for the mobile campaigns to empathize with mobile traffic faster UX needs.

These changes lead to triple ROAS YoY for March, even during Covid-19 lockdown, which had a significant impact on the real estate market. It’s important to note that our sellers campaign drives traffic to a home value report page, and we checked with their team internally, who said we are still seeing a similar lead quality ratio.

Bid strategy Change drives 40% Month-over-month Increase in revenue

b2c | PAID media | paid search

After using the maximize conversion value bidding strategy for the majority of 2020 we began to see that this was effectively restricting revenue due to the higher-than-average ROAS the campaigns were achieving. By switching over to the target ROAS bid strategy, our client, a regional grocer, saw significant increases in both conversions and conversion rate, leading to a 40% month-over-month increase in revenue.