LinkedIn Targeting Changes Result in a 22% Increase in Lead Quality

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A local Software as a Service (SaaS) company specializing in selling health insurance verification software to hospitals and clinics nationwide worked with Augurian’s Paid Media team to increase leads. We were struggling with driving quality leads through a LinkedIn campaign, and decided to implement some targeting changes. The result not only increased lead volume, but lead quality as well. Takeaways from the annual Heroconf convention further helped to drive the campaign’s success.

  • 22% Increase in Lead Quality: 45% qualified lead rate to 67% qualified lead rate 
  • 64% Increase in Overall Leads: 11 leads pre-targeting changes to 18
  • 32% Decrease in Cost Per Lead: From $143.09 to $97.39
Senior Analyst, Paid Media at Augurian
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