Expanded YouTube Audience Targeting Raises Brand Awareness

Paid Media | Retail
grocery store vegetables

One of the largest grocery chains in the Midwest was hoping to build brand awareness by promoting lifestyle videos on their YouTube channel. Previously, their YouTube ads focused on retargeting those who were already familiar with their brand. This strategy sometimes worked, but our audiences were often too small for this to drive online sales.  

For one store location, we extended our targeting to also reach those who belonged to a pre-built Google audience of those “In-Market for Grocery Delivery,” reaching only new people by excluding previous website visitors. Within this single campaign, retargeting audiences grew, our brand searches increased, and we began driving purchases directly from YouTube.

  • 8,558% Growth in Retargeting Audience Size: 12 to 1,039 
  • 87% Increase in Brand Search Impressions: 2,468 to 4,608
  • Exponential Growth in Online Revenue: $0 to $2,474
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