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Augurian’s SEO-focused content marketing services are tailored to your business goals and customers’ journeys. We produce competitive blog content that drives measurable marketing success.

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  • Competitive, Data-Driven, and Customer Journey Centric
  • SEO-First Blog Tactics and Evergreen Content
  • Adaptation to Your Executional Needs

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Client Highlights

"We have always optimized content, but employing this methodology for key pieces of content really takes it to the next level, and the results are outstanding."

Competitive, Data-Driven, and Customer Journey Centric

Drive precise traffic with strategic content, aligning topics with goals, enhancing targeting and measurement, uncovering competitor gaps, optimizing from insights, benchmarking growth, and seizing market share opportunities.

SEO-First Blog Tactics and Evergreen Content

Cultivate evergreen content for enduring search success, expand non-brand visibility, enhance website search authority, and foster sustainable organic traffic, reducing your acquisition costs.

3 individuals putting puzzle pieces togetherAdaptation to Your organization’s Executional Needs

Opt for detailed content briefs for your team or full production by our experts, including sourcing external SME writers or collaborating with your own, we meet your needs where they are.

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We’re here to help you succeed. That’s why we offer two ways to get our expert opinions: a free quick scan or an in-depth audit.

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What Does It Look Like?

  • Dive into your team, business, and goals
  • Onboarding and Kickoff: Questionnaire and meeting to align
  • Team Introduction: Meet our experts and explore our tools
  • Brand Consistency: Potential brand profile creation
  • Project Hub: Access our digital management system
  • Internal Alignment: Business/brand profile for content consistency
  • Competitor Analysis: Tailored content strategy from competitor SEO and content evaluation.
  • Customer Journey Alignment: Identifying strengths and weaknesses in competitor support across customer stages.
  • SEO Opportunities: Comparing and leveraging your SEO performance against competitors for content targeting your audience’s interests, goals, pain points, and objections.
  • Content Analysis: Evaluate your current blog and competitor content for strategic opportunities.
  • Refresh Strategy: Enhance existing top topics through content updates and consolidation.
  • Journey Optimization: Identify content gaps aligned with your customer’s journey and propose internal linking strategies.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Analyze stages, topics, and questions to tailor content.
  • Strategic Content Creation: Craft content aligned with marketing objectives.
  • Addressing Needs: Design blog posts and calls to action that resonates with customer aspirations and pain points at each journey stage.
  • Targeted SEO Topics: Receive a prioritized list of blog topics aligned with your customer journey strategy.
  • Traffic Projection: Get organic search traffic forecasts for planned posts.
  • Guided Content Calendar: Utilize a content calendar via our project management tools, informed by competitive analysis and audit insights.
  • Effective Content Briefs: Craft captivating, search-optimized content using comprehensive briefs.
  • Complete Strategy: Receive detailed page goals, audience insights, targeted keywords, internal linking suggestions, calls-to-action, URL details, and meta descriptions.
  • Trust and Authority: Ensure original, authoritative, and trustworthy content creation through these blueprints.
  • Comprehensive Blog Creation: Our writers transform content briefs into engaging blog posts, managing writing, editing, formatting, and uploading.
  • Visual Enhancements: We handle basic graphics from Canva and optimize stock images, while more advanced branded visuals can be sourced from you.
  • SEO Integration: Ensure every stage follows SEO best practices, with meticulous writing, proofreading, editing, formatting, and uploading of optimized pages, all tracked and measured in our reporting.
  • Case Study Creation: Craft persuasive case studies from customer success stories through our interview-driven approach, enriching your customer journey strategy.
  • PDF Asset Production: Design educational, trust-building, and persuasive PDF resources like e-books, checklists, and infographics, offering valuable gated content for engagement measurement and brand promotion.
  • Collaborative Approach: We handle production, publication, and cross-team promotion to maximize the impact of these assets.
  • Monthly Performance Analysis: Regularly track and present performance insights for your published content, spotlighting organic growth and strides towards content marketing objectives.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: Collaborate with our analytics team to assess keyword visibility growth, traffic, engagement, behavior, and assisted conversions, unveiling the impact of our efforts.
  • Comparative Insight: Understand your content’s performance in relation to existing content and competitors, monitoring your brand’s growth trajectory.

What is our framework?

At Augurian, our content marketing process consists of three distinct phases: kickoff and discovery, strategic planning, and ongoing production.

Our approach to Content Marketing…

  1. Kickoff and Discovery
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. Ongoing Production

Let the experts tailor a strategy specifically for your business.

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discovery kickoff

  • Onboarding questionnaire and meet-the-team kickoff meeting
    • Meet the team, tools, and processes
  • Your digital operating system
  • Business/Brand profile

Strategic planning

  • SEO Content Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Blog Content Audit
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Topic Roadmap Planning

ongoing Production

  • SEO Content Briefs
  • Blog Content Production
  • Case Study / PDF Asset Creation
  • Content Measurement and Insights
  • Content Optimizations and Ongoing Opportunity Analysis
Unity Environmental University Content Marketing

Client Success Snapshot

Unity Environmental University

The goal was to capture the growing demand for sustainable career content by addressing common questions posed through Search, particularly those that emphasized work with animals.


Relevant Keywords


Traffic Attributable To SEO
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