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‘How I Work’ Episode 4 with Madeline Blasberg

In our fourth episode of How I Work, Josh sits down with Madeline Blasberg, Digital Marketing Manager at Leadpages. You’ll learn about the importance of a diversified paid media strategy, how to overcome challenges SaaS marketers are facing today and how to harness the power of content to boost your Saas business to success. Transcription…

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A Primer on Web Analytics For Marketers

A Primer On Web Analytics For Marketers

What does it look like to work with an agency on a marketing analytics project? In this primer on web analytics for marketers, Augurian’s Analytics Manager, Megan Upperman, discusses: the value of investing in analytics services how to develop a measurement strategy for your business how to operationalize your marketing data Transcription Josh: Hi, this…

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Strategic Frameworks for Digital Marketing

Strategic Frameworks For Digital Marketing

In this video, Shin takes three widely accepted concepts about product-market fit and looks at them through the lens of three strategic frameworks for digital marketing that all marketers should be paying attention to. These strategic frameworks for digital marketing include: the adoption curve of digital tactics the intersection of market forces and your digital…

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Common Challenges With Closed Loop Analytics

In this video, Derrick Turner discusses common challenges that can arise for businesses that have implemented closed-loop analytics. To learn more about what closed loop analytics is, and why you should consider it for your business.   Transcription Josh Becerra: Hey, everybody, this is Josh Becerra from Augurian. I’m here with our director of services,…

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