Tips for Inclusive Language in Advertising

As part of Pride Month 2020, Augurian team members Cassie Burke and Megan Upperman hosted two topics. In the second “Tips for Inclusive Language in Advertising” they cover what inclusive language is, why its important in life and in advertising, examples of words and phrases, steps you can take to improve the inclusivity of your…

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How To Hold Space For Someone During A Difficult Time

As part of Pride Month 2020, Augurian team members Cassie Burke and Megan Upperman hosted two discussion topics. In the first “How to Hold Space For Someone During A Difficult Time” they cover two key concepts: 1) Holding Space and 2) Optical Allyship and how to take these and connect them to the actual conversations…

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Content Marketing Tools Cover

25 SEO Content Marketing Metrics That Matter

Do you ever wonder if your content marketing strategy is actually effective? Bad content can mean losing readers and, ultimately, customers. The good news? It’s never too late to turn things around. Setting the right goals and tracking the right marketing metrics can set you on the course for success. An investment in content that…

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content marketing tools 2020

15 Essential SEO Content Marketing Tools

Successful marketing in 2020 involves an orchestra of moving parts. A business needs an excellent content marketing strategy –and an excellent team to implement it. While rolling out a successful strategy is usually easier said than done, the process can be made easier with the right content marketing tools. Content Marketing Tools Are you ready…

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9 fundamentals for saas marketing

9 Fundamentals For SaaS Marketing

9 Fundamentals For SaaS Marketing Are you launching a new SaaS business? Have you been charged with ramping up awareness, growth or sales for a SaaS business? After years of working with multiple SaaS companies and learning what works and what doesn’t, we’ve developed a list of 9 fundamentals for SaaS marketing. Ensuring that you’re…

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Honor Teamwork: Augurian Core Values Series

Honor Teamwork | Core Values Series

At Augurian, our core values are at the center of everything we do as a digital marketing agency. That’s why we’ve created a video series to highlight each of our company’s core values. In this episode, Augurian founders Colin Hirdman and Josh Becerra highlight what the core value Honor Teamwork means to the team –…

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Online Marketing in The Age Of COVID-19

In this 30-minute webinar, paid media experts at Augurian quickly teach you how to approach your new online marketing strategy. Watch to find out where to put your energy to make the biggest impact with the lowest effort and investment. Online Marketing in The Age Of COVID-19 The Online Marketing in the Age of COVID…

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