Client Photos Outperform Stock Photos in Ads

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two children laughing and learning in front of science equipment

A school specializing in the education and enrichment of neurodiverse children who has been a partner of Augurian for 2 years is working with our Paid Media team. They struggle to get new photos to update their Facebook ads and we wanted to refresh their ads more frequently. Our team decided to test if using stock photos would be a good way to refresh their ad creative on a tight budget. The results:

  • Client Images drove 35% higher CTR: Client images drove 0.57% CTR vs stock images driving 0.37% CTR. 
  • Client Images drove 2.8% higher Conversion Rate: Both Image groups drove similar conversion rates. Client images drove 19% CTR vs stock images driving 18.5% CTR. This high of a conversion rate shows that stock images can still be a good option if needed.
  • Client Images drove 50% lower Cost per Lead: Client images drove leads that cost on average $40.88 vs stock images leads that cost $61.41.
Analyst, Paid Media at Augurian
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