YouTube Optimization & Video SERP Feature Targeting Increased Visibility by 182%

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A law firm is doing a large-scale marketing push in the state of California and asked us to look at their YouTube channel to identify opportunities for greater visibility of their video content. They wanted to ensure that their videos were being found on YouTube and Google and that their videos were being properly integrated on their website.

Our SEO team conducted a full audit of the client’s YouTube channel, adjusting settings to link the clients YouTube channel and website. Keyword & SERP feature research was done to identify high-value pre-existing video content to be optimized to reach the targeted audience. These videos were then optimized to target both greater visibility on YouTube and compete for video SERP features on Google search. In just over a month, the impressions of the targeted videos went up 182%, and we were able to capture 8 video SERP features in the targeted area.

Spike in impressions after videos optimized and achieved SERP features.
  • 182% increase in video impressions: pre-existing video content optimized to reach targeted audience
  • Captured Video SERP features on high value keywords went from 0 to 8 in the targeted area
  • Client website now receiving video thumbnails in search listings after linking channel with website
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