Curious? We Like Curious

The fact that you’re viewing this page says something about you. You’re the curious type. We like curious. We are assembling a team of digital marketing rockstars, and we are passionate about their career development.

We recognize that good ideas can come from anywhere in the organization, so we keep our organization structure flat. That means direct access to decision makers regardless of your title.

If you’re passionate about making an impact for your clients, thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and have skills in digital marketing, data analysis, or project management we’d love to talk to you.

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What our employees like about Augurian

“Not too stuffy or serious / laid back atmosphere”

“Flexibility to work when and where I want to”

“Open and honest culture”

“We build our own stuff”

“We’re respected & treated like professional adults (for example: as long as we get our work done and do our jobs well, we aren’t expected to be handcuffed to our desks from 8-5 every day and working nonstop the entire time, because that’s unrealistic and counterproductive)”

“Great neighborhood and cool office vibe. Love the big windows”

“Because of the open environment, people aren’t timid to share their opinions or feedback”

“Fabulous Swag”

“Everyone is treated equally”

“The people! Everyone in the office is a rock star both in terms of their skills, as well as in terms of their personality. We are all kind to each other and have a good time together”

“We’re growing!”

“Managing partners are very entrepreneurial”

“Kick-ass office space & location”

“Culture is flexible and ensures work/life balance – nobody questions you or makes you feel bad for having a life outside of the office, it’s encouraged (which only makes our work better & prevents burnout)”

“Fun and upbeat atmosphere”

“Working with smart and engaged people who care about their craft”

“Environment is laid back but motivating. You feel comfortable and welcomed, but also motivated by how everyone is working hard to grow the company.”

“We know how to have FUN!”

“Everyone has a voice”

“Hard work & success are appreciated; setbacks are not blown out of proportion, and employees aren’t bullied for human errors or having room to learn & grow”

“Great team outings and fun events. Very positive atmosphere”

“We’re open, honest, and care about doing the best work for ourselves and clients”

“Honesty & transparency”

“The awesome people”

“Everyone is positive and cheers each other on – making us more motivated to do our work and do it well. We work hard & get things done together, we’re not here to compete with each other”