Untangling Historical Tracking Clutter to Drive More Accurate Tracking

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A national e-commerce eyewear company needed to transition to Google Analytics 4. Initially, when Augurian’s Analytics Team took on the project, the tracking wasn’t coming in accurately according to our source of truth. Upon further investigation into how tracking had been set-up, it was evident that the website and it’s tracking plan had been built by multiple individuals over the years. Our team’s knowledge of the Shopify platform and it’s advantages allowed us to identify historical updates that were bogging down sight speed. By moving our tracking code into the website templates themselves, we provided a much cleaner and straightforward implementation that will make life easier for everyone going forward.

  • Transfer tracking code to the appropriate template section: reduced reliance on trying to fire all scripts at the end, which was negatively impacting accuracy. 
  • Providing documentation of the current state will help future stakeholders understand which aspects of the website need to be touched for future updates.
Director, Services at Augurian
Derrick Turner is a Partner and Director of Services at Augurian. Derrick has a passion for digital media and has seen how effective it can be when managed by the right hands. A digital marketing veteran, Derrick has executed successful campaigns across many industries. He has an interest in connecting strategies, teams, & platforms together to support business objectives.
Derrick Turner
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