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A luxury interior product client needed to increase its online presence with a certain, broad product type but was getting handicapped by its keywords, specifically its top performers. Augurian’s Paid Media Team ran a search term/keyword analysis for the account and identified a solution to break out a single campaign into 2 strategic campaigns.

A majority of campaign budget was being spent by 5 main keywords out of a bucket of 30 that were not getting enough opportunity to show for, once budget was drained for the day. After strategically breaking out campaigns by keyword specific keyword categories we successfully increased impression share percentage. The number of marketing qualified leads and revenue opportunity generated in a 4 month window is about to bypass the original 7 months in which the campaign ran.

  • Increased Impression Share by 3% in a highly contested market: The product type is in a highly competitive market with no signs of slowing down with the upcoming seasonality trends. Our breakout strategy drove an increase to the product specific market share and generated more opportunities for the client’s sales team.
  • On pace to bypass overall MQLs in a shorter timeframe than when data was pulled: In just 4 months the campaigns have generated nearly 550 marketing qualified leads in comparison to 720 marketing qualified leads in a 7 month window when there was a single campaign. Our keywords that were bullied by the more searched keywords were allowed additional freedom to show due to having budget opportunity.
  • Revenue Opportunity will soon overtake original campaign strategy in less time: Our strategy after breaking out the campaigns has already generated $637,912 in a 4 month timeframe compared to $743,259 over the original 7 month period.
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