Blog Drives 11.2x More Organic Traffic After Refresh

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An e-commerce company partnered with Augurian’s SEO content marketing team to increase organic traffic and purchases. To help them reach a larger audience through organic search, our content marketing Digital Marketing Associate, Jonah Jelinski, refreshed a low-funnel blog with a targeted term. 

After two months from the publication, Augurian’s process for content marketing brought in significant traffic. The refreshed blog brought in more revenue than it has since it’s original publication in 2012, and it gained over $1,000 in organic traffic compared to the previous year.

  • Went from 170 Users to 1,900 Users after refresh
  • Completed 15 Conversion Goals
  • Increased Pages/Session to 1.86: meaning people tend to go to another page after reading the blog
Analyst, Content Marketing at Augurian
Jonah Jelinski
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