Optimized Thumbnails and A/B Testing Increased Video CTR by 95%

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A local law firm aimed to enhance the visibility and performance of its client testimonial videos on YouTube. Augurian’s SEO team provided recommendations to improve the visual impact of the video thumbnails and conducted A/B testing to monitor the enhancements in video performance.

Our objective while creating the optimized thumbnails for YouTube was to make the images easy to process at a glance, amplify the color contrast, and highlight the faces of the people providing the testimonials. You can see the comparison of the original and variation side by side below.

We created and tested new optimized thumbnails for a total of 11 videos. The improved variant thumbnails won in every A/B test, with an average of 95% higher CTR. The higher CTR resulted in an increase in daily impressions and views on the testimonial videos. Overall, we saw:

  • 95% improvement in average click through rate
  • Increase in total view count for all optimized videos

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