SEO Is More Than just optimizing a website

It is more than search engine algorithms, keywords and content.

It is about building equity and trust in a brand by delivering the best answers, the most frequently.

As part of The Augurian Way, we’ve developed a lean approach to SEO, built on the agile framework, focused on action and accountability. It allows for us, together with our clients, to move faster, measure more precisely, and think smarter about what’s next than ever before.

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Augurian has really helped build the framework needed to allow our existing and new content to support our marketing efforts in a very meaningful way.
Jeff Eltringham
Director of Interactive Marketing, Digi International
Jeff Eltringham
Edina Realty Organic Search Traffic

Client Success Snapshot

Edina Realty

Augurian’s SEO and paid search teams collaborated to test the effectiveness of organic search title tags and headline variations using Google paid search ads. Winners were isolated quickly and the winning headlines were applied to property listing pages on the site which improved their performance in the organic search channel.




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SEO Process

Data-driven insights and strategies are at the core of everything we do. But, without execution it’s just another idea.

As part of the Augurian Way, we’ve adapted the Agile framework and scrum methodology to make it work for SEO. And, it works beautifully.

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The elements of Augurian's SEO Process, which includes Assessment, Audit, Strategy, Sprint, and Reporting.