‘Exterior Window Trim Ideas’ Blog Earns 914 Backlinks

person fixing exterior home windows

An exterior remodeling business for homeowners in Wisconsin partnered with Augurian’s SEO content marketing team in early 2021. To help them reach a larger audience through organic search, our content marketing Senior Analyst, Alaina Bergen, created a new, high-funnel blog targeting the term ‘exterior window trim ideas’. 

In the year since publication, Augurian’s process for content marketing brought big wins. This blog has earned a high expertise, authority, and trust score (E-A-T score) from Google. Due to this, it has earned over 900 backlinks (each with an average value of $300) and has been featured on Google Discover, where it has been seen by over 10,000 users and driven 13 goal completions. 

  • Earned an estimated $274,200 in backlinks: blog has earned 914 organic backlinks
  • Drove over 11,500 SEO clicks: since publication in May, 2021 (through May 2022)
  • Drove 13 valuable goal conversions: in which this blog was the user’s first interaction
Senior Analyst, Content Marketing at Augurian
Alaina Bergen
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