Condensed audience test on Facebook leads to a 47% increase in Conversion Rate

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two children drawing at a science museum

A local museum in St. Paul, Minnesota that specializes in STEM and Youth Education is working with Augurian on their paid media efforts. We chose to use a takeaway from the 2022 MN Search summit to determine the effectiveness of condensing Facebook audiences into one ad set and the results were great!

  • 41% Increase in Conversions: 171 Conversions to 259 Conversions PoP
  • 47% Increase in Conversion Rate: 13.30% Conversion Rate to 21.40% Conversion Rate PoP
  • 40% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion: $20.17 Cost Per Conversion to $13.42 Cost Per Conversion PoP
Senior Analyst, Paid Media at Augurian
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