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Effective digital marketing is at the core of any successful SaaS company. Augurian is a leading marketing agency with a solid record of success with SaaS partnerships. This hub of knowledge has been carefully curated by our marketing experts to give SaaS marketers confidence in their digital marketing investments. Explore our SaaS marketing guides, videos, news, and resources around organic search marketing, paid media advertising, and digital analytics. Or, explore our case studies to see some of the ways we’ve helped software-as-a-service companies grow.

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SaaS Metrics Guide: 15 KPIs To Track & Measure Growth

Wondering which SaaS metrics to track to increase profits? Many SaaS companies don’t know which metrics to track, so they take a guess and end up with irrelevant data. We‘ve put together a comprehensive guide to answer all your questions…... Read More

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Nikki Bradley is a brand strategist and authentic messaging expert who helps businesses and individuals build their brands, which she says, is simply... Read More
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Corey Walker is the co-author of Instagram For Dummies and Instagram For Business For Dummies, a how-to guide for using Instagram to market your... Read More
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Andrew Forman is the founder and CEO of Givz, an e-commerce marketing platform that provides a platform for brands and merchants to offer a... Read More
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Kathy Guzmán Galloway is a girl mom, entrepreneur, educator, strategist and 20 year veteran of the CPG marketing world.  She is the CEO at... Read More
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Ashleigh Wilson is the founder and CEO of AuditMate, the first-ever elevator auditing system built to empower property managers and owners to get the... Read More
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Esra Kucukciftci is a pricing and monetization strategy consultant that founded Pricing Innovations, a boutique product consultancy. Esra is the... Read More
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Michael Diego is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wise Assistant, a word-of-mouth marketing platform that helps aspiring creative solopreneurs start and run... Read More
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Andrew Davies is the CMO of Paddle, a payments infrastructure platform for high-growth SaaS companies serving over 3000 customers. He has more than... Read More
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Bryan Clayton is the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenPal, an online marketplace connecting homeowners with local lawn care professionals. He’s a... Read More
George Hadjiyanis founded Launch Avenue to lead small to mid-sized B2B organizations throughout early and growth stages. George is a SaaS and cloud... Read More

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In House vs Agency Marketing: Which is better for you?

In-House vs Agency Marketing: Which is Better For You?

Do I hire an in-house marketing team – or work with a marketing agency? This question has come to vex business owners and CMOs as digital marketing has become the best strategy to grow a business. As an agency that… Read More


How is SaaS Marketing different?

SaaS marketing companies do not have a long-drawn-out buyer journey to work with. Instead, they have one goal; convince prospective customers to sign up for a free trial of your software platform. Explore more ways marketing to SaaS prospects is different.

Traditional marketing agencies advertise things that have a physical presence and have a list of goals that follow the steps of the buyer journey.

SaaS advertising agencies, on the other hand, market something that has no physical presence, something that may not make sense to the average person: Software.

Budgeting is very particular and varies from business to business. It depends on a company’s size, goals, and overall budget. However, SaaS marketing budgets tend to be much higher than in traditional marketing budgets, partly because of how competitive the market is.

The fact that there are so many options available to consumers, coupled with the fact that SaaS companies tend to offer abstract services with complicated differences, SaaS companies have to work twice as hard to stand out.

Get in contact with an Augurian SaaS marketing consultant to learn more and discuss what optimal budgeting looks like for you. 

Whether a SaaS company is looking for a B2B SaaS marketing agency or a B2C SaaS marketing agency, we’ve fostered success across the board. We have years of experience in this field and know the challenges that SaaS companies face, as well as the strategies to overcome them and build market awareness, freemium sign-ups, and conversions.

We know the best digital marketing tactics to pair with the latest growth strategies, innovative technology, and meaningful analytics based on clean data to create a personalized marketing plan that will allow your business to succeed.