New SEO Optimized Blog Drives 9.5K Clicks

Content Marketing | High Tech
inside of computer

A Network, IT, and IoT Solutions Company for engineers, developers, and owners/managers has been a valued partner at Augurian for years. Their business was doing well but they wanted to grow their authority and name recognition in their space even more as their industry became more competitive.  Thanks to the strategic work behind just one well-done blog post by Augurian’s Content Services, we were able to drive 9.5K organic clicks in just three months.

  • #1 in the search engine results for the target keyword: In positions 1-5 for for 89 more queries
  • Driven over 2,000 new SEO visitors each month: since publication
  • Captured 45 features in the search engine results: 22 people also ask, 21 image pack, 2 featured snippets
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