Remarketing DSP Campaign Increases Leads by 233%

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The Program Director of a private Minnesota college increased monthly spend for November in order to drive more MBA inquiries and student applications before the final enrollment date in December. Search hadn’t driven a significant amount of leads in the past due to the long consideration stage and high competition for graduate programs. Senior Paid Media Analyst, Madison Youngquist, launched a retargeting display campaign in order to show ads to past website visitors who had been engaged for a lower avg. CPC.

  • 62% of total leads YTD: highest total leads driven in a single month
  • 83% lower cost per lead compared to search: $90.94 vs $535.11
  • 96% lower avg. CPC compared to search: $13.51 vs. $0.51
Senior Analyst, Paid Media at Augurian
Madison Youngquist
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