A Single Blog Gains Over 3,000 Users in First Two Weeks

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outside of home remodel project

An exterior remodeling business for homeowners in Wisconsin partnered with Augurian’s SEO content marketing team to gain more local traffic. To help them reach a larger audience through organic search, our content marketing Digital Marketing Associate, Jonah Jelinski, created a new, high-funnel blog. 

After two days from publication, Augurian’s process for content marketing brought big wins. This blog has earned a high expertise, authority, and trust score (E-A-T score) from Google. Due to this, it has been featured on Google Discover, where it has been seen by over 3,000 users in its first two weeks. 

  • Drove over 1,860 Wisconsin Users: from only Google Discover
  • Drove over 3,080 New Users: since publication in July, 2022
  • 8.1% CTR: from 34.1K impressions
Analyst, Content Marketing at Augurian
Jonah Jelinski
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