Adding popular products to the homepage drives 18.29% more revenue

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When conducting e-commerce CRO tests Augurian’s SEO team notes the importance of focusing on changes that will make things easier and more convenient for users to make a purchase. Having popular products at the top of your homepage can be a great way to boost revenue and give customers what they want.

An A/B CRO test conducted on an online CBD store showed after adding popular items above-the-fold on the homepage, revenue increased by 18.29% and transactions rose by 15%. By displaying the most sought-after products prominently on the homepage, we were able to increase product visibility and make shopping more convenient for users, resulting in higher conversion rates and more revenue. As a result, the CBD online dispensary was able to maximize sales while also increasing customer satisfaction by helping shoppers quickly find exactly what they wanted to buy.

  • 18% increase in revenue
  • 15% increase in transactions
  • 35% increase in conversion rate
  • +312 additional transactions per year (projected)
  • +$48,900 additional revenue per year (projected)
Manager, Organic Search at Augurian
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