Schema & Content Refresh Led to Market Share Domination

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A law firm was looking to maximize visibility in the state of California before the end of the year. They are currently doing a large paid media push and while the targeted landing page for this campaign was doing well, they asked us to focus our efforts on improving rank and driving more organic conversions by the end of the year.

Our SEO team tackled this assignment by implementing three strategies. First, we worked with the law firm’s web team to execute aggressive internal linking to the targeted landing page. We then looked at pre-existing high value video content that had previously been optimized on YouTube, and added a player window prominently to the page. Lastly, we updated the service schema to include additional California keywords and area served, added video object schema to support the video content, and added FAQ Schema.

After implementing the changes, we saw big improvements in rank for all targeted non-branded keywords for the landing page. Our client captured over 23% of the total market share and achieved 90% visibility, putting them far ahead of all of their competitors in California. They saw:

  • 53% increase in organic traffic
  • 46% increase in organic form submissions
  • 100% increase in retained clients generated from organic traffic after updates were made
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