Service Strategy Change to LinkedIn Lowers Cost/MQL by 82%

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Augurian’s Paid Media team worked with a client who provides IoT products and solutions to help increase qualified leads. Switching from Google Ads to LinkedIn and promoting modem products in the electric vehicle infrastructure and medical device industries boosted overall Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) volume and lowered cost/MQL. Our Google Ads campaigns were generating unqualified clicks for individuals searching for personal charging stations related to EV infrastructure, and the medical device search terms had difficulty finding qualified audiences with display and search terms for our paid search strategies. Once making this shift, we saw:

  • 82% decrease in Cost per MQL
  • +188% MQLs


Augurian is committed to ending wasted advertising budgets. Our job in paid media is to have a persuasive digital conversation with your prospects. That means delivering the right message to those prospects at precisely the right points throughout the customer journey. Simply put, we drive the right conversations through the right channels at scale and justify the results to stakeholders.

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