Landing Page Facelift Boosts KPI by 250%

Organic Search | Retail
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A leading outdoor retailer was looking to improve conversions during a period of decreased consumer demand. Augurian’s SEO team identified an opportunity to target an important category of products through a page refresh. 

The team conducted keyword and competitor research, then gave the page a full remodel which included a revised structure, additional body copy, and strategic CTA placement. In just over a month, the page saw a 250% increase for the site’s most important conversion, showed up in 143% more searches, and boosted conversion rate from 2.70% to 14.91%.

  • 250% increase in users driven to dealer page: large lift in users driven to most important conversion page 
  • 143% increase in impressions: the page is now ranking for 527 more keywords, including 47 new keywords in the top 3 positions
  • Conversion rate improved 2.70% to 14.91%: users moved through the funnel more smoothly and converted significantly better across all goals
Sr. Analyst, Organic Search at Augurian
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