we are augurian.

Why do we exist?

To grow our people, clients, and company so that together we can do extraordinary things.

Careers  Services

  • We connect with people in meaningful ways.
  • We learn from every experience.
  • We share ideas, knowledge and expertise.
  • We operate with integrity and transparency.
  • We have confidence in ourselves and others.
  • We build winning strategies.
  • We talk dollars, not clicks.
  • We are an extension of your team with an external perspective.
  • We are transparent and accountable.

We develop the confidence to win in digital marketing one person at a time.


a statement from the president – Josh Becerra

When I was five years old, Colin Hirdman moved in next door. At age 7, Zack Steven also moved into the neighborhood. We were all the same age, and the three of us were inseparable. We were in boy scouts together, and spent long days playing at a park a few blocks from our houses called Monkey Island. We went to elementary and middle school together. We hung out during high school and stayed in touch through college.

After college, each of us tried our hand at entrepreneurism. By our early 30s, we began talking about those experiences and decided to go into business together.

Our story starts from a place of deep and meaningful relationships.

But after a few years, in 2008, our first start-up endeavor failed. That’s when Colin said: “I think there is something to this digital marketing thing that I’ve been hearing about.” 

Building an agency from nothing was challenging, but Colin, Zack, and I stuck together, and soon we found ourselves running a small digital marketing consultancy. However, after a few years of constant hustling for new clients, doing the strategy, execution, and reporting, we concluded that we either had to get out of the digital marketing business or lean in and build an agency. We decided to lean in.

This was the pivotal moment when Augurian started to take shape. This is when we brought on additional partners (Micah and Chris) and began to focus on growth. After a bit, we added Derrick as our first employee and Shin close behind. Since then, we’ve continued to grow our clients and our team. We quickly went from 3 to 7 to 10 plus employees. Today our current headcount is right around 30.  

Needless to say, it has been quite a journey. While our client roster and team have grown – we still hold the same beliefs we’ve had since our founding.

  • We are committed to fostering deep and meaningful relationships with our team and clients
  • We focus on growing our people 
  • We understand that if our clients win, we win
  • We know that by sticking together, we will do extraordinary things

This is our founding story. This is the source of our confidence.

Josh Becerra




10+ employees


Established Analytics & Content Mktg Depts.


First Inc. 5000 Recognition


30+ Employees