Single Blog Drives 19,800 New Users to the Site in Its First Two Months

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A birth center partnered with Augurian’s SEO content marketing team to increase organic traffic and clientele. To help them reach a larger audience through organic search, our Content Marketing Analyst, Jonah Jelinski, created a strategic blog brief targeting the term ‘foods that fight nausea during pregnancy’. 

After two months from the publication, Augurian’s process for content marketing brought in significant traffic. The blog became the highest trafficked page on the entire website.

blog traffic increase over two month span
Pageviews from September 2022 to November 2022
  • Drove 19,800 new users to the site
  • Completed 6 ‘Find a Provider’ Goals and 1 ‘Pre-Registration’ Goal
  • Captured 195 Featured Snippets/Top Organic Positions
Analyst, Content Marketing at Augurian
Jonah Jelinski
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