Color Change in CTA Increases Conversion Rate by 18%

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Augurian’s SEO team identified a potential opportunity for a small lift worth testing. A CRO test conducted on the homepage of a Twin Cities birth center revealed changing the color of the ‘deliver here’ CTA in the main site navigation increased the conversion rate for ‘find a provider’ leads by 18%.

The CRO test allowed the birth center to identify small aesthetic changes can have a big impact on website conversion rates. The success of this experiment demonstrated that even minor UI/UX tweaks can make all the difference in driving user engagement, especially when it comes to finding important services like healthcare providers.

  • 18% increase in ‘find a provider’ conversion rate
  • +2,224 find a provider leads per year (projected)
  • +$33,570 conversion value per year (projected) based on Google Ads cost per conversion
graph showing original vs variant success rate
Original vs Variant Engagement Rate
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