SEO Support on Strategic Website Migration Reaps 48% ROI

Organic Search | SaaS
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A SaaS company based out of Colorado needed an agency that could help them with the SEO implications of their website migration. They were aware of the fact that most sites (75%) lose traffic during a website migration, and knew they needed someone to help them minimize the risk of losing any of their valuable traffic. With Augurian’s assistance, not only did they gain more traffic after their migration, but they also gained more leads!

  • Traffic increased by 15% MoM: even though impressions dropped by 12% MoM
  • Site speed improved by 1 second: a faster site ranks and converts better
  • Leads from organic traffic went up by 18% MoM: leading to 48% ROI on SWM support
Senior Analyst, Organic Search at Augurian
Kareim Bakhsh
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