What is B2B SaaS? Top 5 Fastest-Growing B2B SaaS Companies

What are some of the best SaaS companies out there? How did they get to that level through SaaS marketing? How can you improve your SaaS company’s marketing to grow your business?

Curious about any of these questions, then you are in the right place! This article will dive in and learn more about some of the best marketing tactics SaaS companies are using to grow their business.

What is a SaaS Company?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, but what does that mean? Software as a Service is a program offered online with a subscription, instead of being bought one time and installed on a computer.

An example of a SaaS company would be Netflix. A person purchases Netflix on a subscription basis, and the content is only available online from the host through a stream, not downloaded. Netflix generally markets to B2C, which means business to consumer, but what is B2B SaaS?

What is B2B SaaS?

B2B, which means business to business, has a sales and marketing process different from B2C. Both B2B and B2C SaaS companies have goals of selling their service to as many as possible but have very different methods of doing this due to their customers’ needs.

B2B SaaS marketing is usually aimed to solve an issue or help a company in their development, whereas B2C SaaS is to an individual with a more casual purchase. When a business is investing in a service they are looking at how this service can improve their ROI-(Return on Investment) and why they need this product to ensure future success.

A B2B SaaS sales and marketing strategy is trying to find a need other companies have, how they can fix an issue or improve sales. If a B2B SaaS company has great service, but a terrible marketing/sales strategy they will fail. Not only do B2B SaaS companies need to provide superior service or need but also express to their potential clients how their service will help if added. Below are examples of B2B SaaS companies that have game-changing services and marketing in our opinion.

B2B SaaS Examples

  1. Adobe
  2. HubSpot
  3. Slack
  4. Avada
  5. Dropbox
  6. KnowBe4
  7. LastPass
  8. Proofpoint
  9. Jamf
  10. Zoom


Effective Marketing Strategies For Driving B2B Growth

Because B2B SaaS sales usually are more of an investment than B2C SaaS sales, the process looks very different. At a very basic level B2B SaaS companies have goals in their marketing processes of grabbing attention, having compelling content, and possibly a free offer to get the customer in the door.

When you can offer your service in a free trial, the business can see if it is a good fit, worth the investment, and if it will improve processes or ROI. A B2B SaaS marketing strategy must be agile as the needs and challenges of businesses are constantly changing. The marketing plan must be able to test what is working and what isn’t so that it can pivot if there is a better strategy for delivering the message of your service.

<iframe src=”https://share.descript.com/embed/l2Xw862MVSq” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Another great marketing tactic is showing you are a thought leader and your messaging isn’t always direct marketing. If a potential client comes to your company for helpful information, they will be more likely to come to you for your service.

A clip from Ken Marshall’s ‘How I Work’ episode shows him talking about his traditional approach to B2B marketing.

In this blog, we will dive into different tactics to be more effective in your B2B SaaS marketing strategy to promote positive growth and new customers.

  • PPC-Pay Per Click
  • SEO-Search Engine Optimization 
  • Content
  • Analytics


paid media (search ppc, social ppc, display ads)

Paid Media is a marketing strategy where the company spends money to promote their brand and content on another channel that is not owned by them.

An example of this could be spending money on PPC (Pay Per Click) on a search engine (Google) to have your brand show up more frequently or higher on the list of search results. Another paid media method could be Social PPC, which are ads purchased to be shown on social media sites.

The buyer is charged on the clicks/interactions, how many people saw the ad, or if the ad was able to bring the possible customer to your site.

Display ads can attract the audience with a video, text, image on a website, social media platform, or other digital mediums. Paid Media can be a great way to find and attract new customers, but if you do not have a targeted marketing plan, your B2B SaaS company will not have a great ROI in the form of new business.

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Organic Search (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is vital if you want your brand to be viewed at the top of search engine results. Suppose a B2B SaaS company wants to have an effective website that can be seen by possible clients. In that case, they need to make sure it has relevant content to the service offered, no technical issues (broken links, site speed issues, missing metadata), and produce great content that answers questions.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is key in separating yourself from competitors. If you can be a thought leader in your industry by answering questions a business has, they will more likely come to you for your service.

When you create great content that helps users and engages, it will naturally build more trust with them. The customer will enjoy hearing about your brand and expertise on a subject, rather than just a sales pitch.

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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics are essential because they can use metrics like impressions/views, clicks, conversions (signing up for a trial, product, buying service) to determine if the investment in the marketing campaign was successful.

Before starting a SaaS marketing campaign, the company should test the variables in the strategy to make sure they can set up realistic goals. The B2B SaaS company should look to see what has worked in the past, what other successful competitors are doing, and state a clear goal for the campaign.


5 Biggest B2B SaaS Companies and Products

Now that there is more of a background on how to develop a successful B2B SaaS marketing plan, here are a few examples of the biggest B2B SaaS products that are the most competitive right now due to their outstanding service and marketing.

  1. Hubspot 
  2. Google
  3. Adobe
  4. Slack
  5. MailChimp

1. Hubspot

b2b-saas-example-hubspotHubspot helps businesses manage their sales and marketing efforts in a connected program that tracks inbound leads, sales, and customer service. Having all this information connected in an easy-to-use program helps its users throughout the sale process.

key Features

  • Size of company: 3,387 Employees
  • Growth of company in last year: $800.0 Million
  • Age of company: 14 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Customer Relationship Management

2. Google

b2b-saas-example-googleHow to define a tool that defines everything? Google is the worlds’ top search engine and has changed the way companies market their product forever. This search engine also created platforms that marketers can use to grow their business better.

key Features

  • Size of company: 135,301 Employees
  • Growth of company in last year: $13 billion
  • Age of company: 22 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Search Engine

3. Adobe

b2b-saas-example-adobeLimited only by the users’ imagination, Adobe empowers marketers and designers with tools to create pictures, posters, and videos. The reason Adobe is a leader in its industry of graphic design software is not only that they were one of the first to do this, but by delivering a high-quality product that is continuously updating.

key Features

  • Size of company: 22,516 Employees
  • Growth of company in last year: $12.87 Billion
  • Age of company: 38 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Digital Marketing

4. Slack

b2b-saas-example-slackSlack is a service that allows team members at a company to be in constant contact through an instant messaging service. The users can connect in one on one conversations or a team chat with multiple people.

Slack is a perfect resource for a workforce that is commonly working from home. This powerful service can help the team be connected while they are miles apart.

key Features

  • Size of company: 2,045 Employees
  • Growth of company in last year:  $621 Million
  • Age of company: 7 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Collaborative Software

5. MailChimp

b2b-saas-example-mailchimpMailchimp helps manage communication campaigns, generally with email, to best reach the customer in the most effective ways possible. As we mentioned earlier in the article, having a strategy for your marketing plan is key in its success, and Mailchimp’s service is a great asset to help your planning.

Mailchimp makes it easy to run your email campaign by having all the data in one easy-to-use program, tracking the success of emails and data that will help make better marketing efforts.

key Features

  • Size of company: 800+ Employees
  • Growth of company in last year: 700 Million
  • Age of company: 20 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Email Marketing


Fastest-Growing B2B SaaS Companies and Products

These B2B SaaS businesses are rapidly growing because of their outstanding service and marketing. Here are five companies you might be able to gain ideas from for your own marketing plan!

  1. KnowBe4
  2. LastPass
  3. Proofpoint
  4. Jamf
  5. Zoom

1. Knowbe4


KnowBe4 is a platform that can help companies with cybersecurity issues by training them against potential attacks against their system. This service makes sure all your employees and programs are ready for an incoming cyber attack, so that you can protect your business and customers.

Key Features

  • Size of company: 647 Employees
  • Age of company: 10 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Cybersecurity

2. LastPass 

b2b-saas-example-lastpassLastPass is a helpful service that not only remembers your passwords to different websites but also protects your accounts from possible hacking. This tool can store any data securely online and make it easy for users to access their information in an all-in-one program.

Key Features

  • Size of company: 55 Employees
  • Age of company: 12 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Cybersecurity

3. proofpoint 

b2b-saas-example-proofpointProofpoint focuses on protecting its users from email viruses, spam, and phishing from reaching their accounts. They have also expanded their protection services for their clients to secure social media, cloud, and file transfers.

Key Features

  • Size of company: 2,500 Employees
  • Age of company: 18 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Cybersecurity


b2b-saas-example-jamfJamf helps its clients connect, protect and manage their Apple products across devices and apps through cloud-based software. Their service also protects its users’ data and helps automate IT administration tasks.

Key Features

  • Size of company: 1,318 Employees
  • Age of company: 19 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Software Management

5. zoom

b2b-saas-example-zoomZoom has to be the most popular name on this list with how many people use the service and how effective it is. This teleconferencing service is used for business, school, and personal use.

Key Features

  • Size of company: 2,532 Employees
  • Age of company: 9 Years
  • National/International: International
  • Specific SaaS industry of product: Video Communications

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