Diversifying Media Mix: Demand Generation vs Demand Capture

Paid Media | 2024 Planning

Demand capture strategies like Google search continue getting increasingly expensive, impacting ROI for clients. Companies need to diversify their media mix and ensure that they are working to build their brand and generate demand for their brand and their products vs. just living in the hyper-competitive bottom of the funnel.

Why is this important?

Living in the bottom of the funnel is susceptible to competition and cost attacks. Being able to generate demand before people migrate to the bottom of the funnel allows for a more cost-effective way to combat platform inflation and reduce reliance in volatile areas.

How Can I stay on track?

Focusing on platforms with efficient CPMs, and reaching an audience when they are unaware, problem-aware, and solution aware can lead to overall efficiencies and drive business before there is heavy competition. Your team should be leading your program down the path toward diversification and focus on full-funnel support and measurement. 


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