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Derrick Turner

Derrick has a passion for digital media and has seen how effective it can be when managed by the right hands. A digital marketing veteran, Derrick has executed successful campaigns across many industries. He has an interest in connecting strategies, teams, & platforms together to support business objectives.


How to Assess the Performance of Your Marketing Analytics Team (Which You May Not Have)

You know that marketing analytics is pivotal in driving business growth and understanding consumer behavior. If you have the right setup, you can leverage it into actionable digital marketing tactics. However, for marketing leaders with limited resources like yourself, evaluating the performance of a marketing analytics team—which might not even exist yet—can be a daunting…

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The Hidden Cost of Not Investing in Expertise

The Hidden Cost of Not Investing in Expertise

The Hidden Cost of Not Investing in Expertise Drawing inspiration from Charlie Munger’s insightful quote, “If you’re not paying for an agency, you’re already paying for an agency”, this blog underscores the often-overlooked costs businesses incur when they opt not to invest in professional marketing and analytics expertise.Lessons from Charlie Munger’s Wisdom For small and…

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Aligning Sales With Digital Marketing

“A lead only adds value to your business if they actually become business.” Your sales team should align with your digital marketing investments to drive the highest possible value to your business. In this video, Derrick Turner, Director of Services, explains more about how Augurian optimizes the alignment of sales and digital marketing investments. Video…

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Improving Communication

Improving Agency-Client Communication

In this session, Derrick talks about a framework for optimal agency-client communication. This framework is based on the L.E.A.P Framework created by Dr. Amador from Columbia University. If improving agency communication with clients is important to you, then this video on Leap and Reap will give you a simple framework to follow.   Transcription Derrick…

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Tracking offline outcomes drives better optimizations

An elite private university and their stakeholders were interested in tracking outcomes of the leads they were bringing in through various channels. Augurian’s analytics team was able to surface a tracking key from google analytics and bring it into their CRM with each successful lead submission. As a result the client can now speak to…

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Untangling Historical Tracking Clutter to Drive More Accurate Tracking

A national e-commerce eyewear company needed to transition to Google Analytics 4. Initially, when Augurian’s Analytics Team took on the project, the tracking wasn’t coming in accurately according to our source of truth. Upon further investigation into how tracking had been set-up, it was evident that the website and it’s tracking plan had been built…

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