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Jordan Janousek

Jordan started off his digital marketing career immediately after graduating from the University of South Dakota in 2016. Throughout his time in his career, he has become an expert in paid search, paid social, programmatic, and more. He is dedicated to using his years of experience to help clients implement unique strategies in digital marketing and is comfortable communicating the execution.

Jordan enjoys digital marketing because he is able to get data in a timely manner and can critically think in coming up with ideas that can improve the client’s campaign performance. He is also very confident that digital marketing will continue to be the future of marketing and advertising in the business world and wants to be a key part of that.

Random Facts:

  • Jordan grew up on a farm in South Dakota in a small town of less than 200 people where he graduated high school with 8 other students. He has yet to find anyone that has a lower graduation class than that.
  • He was able to travel to Peru in high school and hike the Machu Picchu Aztec ruins and was even able to pet an alpaca.
  • Jordan’s favorite way to relax is to go boating on a lake/river with family and friends with plenty of food and drinks.


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