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Josh Becerra

Meet Josh Becerra, the President & CEO of Augurian and our ‘Chief Cheerleader’, helping the Augurian team and our clients develop the confidence to win in digital marketing, one person at a time. He’s not your typical suit-and-tie exec; Josh brings a refreshing perspective that focuses as much on people, ‘small-but-mighty’ teams and leadership effectiveness as it does on KPIs and the bottom line.

In the ever changing world of marketing, Josh is the captain steering Augurian toward exciting horizons. He’s the engine behind our ‘HAVE CONFIDENCE’ mantra and the heart of our client-centered approach. Josh embodies the three key pillars to Augurian’s approach: clarity, transparency and accountability. He believes this is the recipe for trust and long lasting partnerships with our clients.

Before taking charge as President & CEO, Josh Becerra was the VP of Strategy at Augurian where he spent time cracking the code on business development, establishing relationships within the industry and fostering an internal company culture rooted in the growth of Augurian’s people and our clients. Prior to Augurian, Josh lived, worked and traveled abroad, primarily in Montevideo, Uruguay. Josh is an entrepreneur at heart and continues to scratch his entrepreneurial itch with his two best friends and business partners via Monkey Island Ventures.

Outside the office, Josh continues to travel the world. However, he also keeps it local by doing small home improvement and renovation projects, as well as volunteering and supporting community organizations and nonprofits he cares about. Because for him, success isn’t just about business—it’s also about building strong relationships and showing up as an active and engaged community member.

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