Improving Agency-Client Communication

Improving Communication

In this session, Derrick talks about a framework for optimal agency-client communication. This framework is based on the L.E.A.P Framework created by Dr. Amador from Columbia University.

If improving agency communication with clients is important to you, then this video on Leap and Reap will give you a simple framework to follow.



Derrick Turner: Hello. My name is Derrick Turner. I’m the director of services here at Augurian. Today I’m going to talk to you about concepts that we use internally which I believe are very important to good digital, which are REAP and LEAP.

Initially, in my career, I was interested in this concept of LEAP and the framework that was actually, I believe, originally brought up by Dr. Xavier Amador from Columbia University in terms of facilitating better conversations. The LEAP construct is basically just a framework to ensure that each party is listened to and heard throughout a conversation so that ultimately people can work together to partner towards a better solution. However, we’re a services company, and people don’t pay us to just simply listen to them, they want a good recommendation from subject matter experts. We have fused two concepts together to essentially come up with a framework to ensure that that happens with our team and our clients. That’s LEAP and REAP.

I’m going to go through the process that we use here at Augurian when having conversations with our clients. Basically, we start with a Recommendation. Clients want to know what is the most important thing to do next and it is our job to provide that to them. So, all the teams are taught to, in conversations, have a starting point, a starting point of view that essentially boils up into a recommendation and be ready to explain it giving your subject matter expertise. The people in the room might not necessarily have familiarity with what you are recommending or why you are recommended, so going through those two steps is really crucial to have a starting point in a conversation about good digital.

However, there are frequently obstacles that are going to get in the way. It’s important that the team listens to what those barriers might be. That is where we get into LEAP. So, LEAP stands for listen, empathize, and affirm. Basically, by starting with the recommendation and the explanation and then going through the act of listening and truly hearing what the barriers might be for the problem, that gets us to this end state, P, which is perspective or partnership to really come up with a synthesized solution that takes into account the barriers that are being faced and comes up with a practical way forward to actually get something done.

So many times in digital, good ideas don’t happen, don’t come to fruition simply because of communication in my opinion. By going through this framework, we can ensure that not only are we bringing value to the table but we are reacting to the conditions on the ground to make sure that we actually get traction and stuff good stuff. In my opinion, that creates a lot of good digital. Thanks for your time today, everybody. If you feel like your company might benefit from this framework, feel free to give us a call.

Director, Services at Augurian
Derrick Turner is a Partner and Director of Services at Augurian. Derrick has a passion for digital media and has seen how effective it can be when managed by the right hands. A digital marketing veteran, Derrick has executed successful campaigns across many industries. He has an interest in connecting strategies, teams, & platforms together to support business objectives.
Derrick Turner
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