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Cassie Burke

As a journalism student, Cassie thought she would one day become a famous music journalist for Rolling Stone magazine – until she discovered her passion for content marketing and SEO. Cassie has explored many content areas, from radio to native advertising and SEO writing. These days, her passion is for creating high-performing organic content rooted in customer journeys. For Cassie, SEO content is the perfect blend of creativity and strategy – and every day is an exciting new challenge. In her spare time, Cassie can be found in a hammock by a lake or river, reading YA fiction on her Kindle, or at home late at night discovering new bands and curating obscure Spotify playlists.

A few more fun facts:

  • Cassie earned her journalism degree living abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s still her favorite place on the planet.
  • The film she’s watched more times than any other and can easily recite is ‘Labyrinth,’ which is an impressive amount of time spent with David Bowie in spandex.
  • Her beloved tabby cat named Dunder (as in Dunder Mifflin from the Office) loves to make cameos in team calls, regardless of whether he’s on the invite.