How To Find Topics For SaaS Content Marketing

Aligning Your Content With the Customer Journey | Augurian

SaaS marketers, how do you decide which content to create next? Josh Becerra is going to provide you with a quick strategy that is proven to boost SaaS content marketing performance.

Aligning Your Content With the Customer Journey

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Video Transcription:

Josh Becerra: Hi everybody, this is Josh Becerra, VP of Strategy at Augurian.

I have a quick tip for all you SaaS marketers around content and customer journey. The way we view content here at Augurian is that it has to be paired along that customer journey.

You have to look at each stage of the customer journey and understand what are the topics that are related to your business that people are searching on in Google. You need to look at the volume for those searches, for those topics in each stage of the customer journey.

By doing that, what you’re going to understand is what are the most important topics at each of the stages? Who’s winning and losing on those topics and where does your company rank on those specific topics?

You’ll also be able to identify then what type of content you need to create to start ranking higher on those specific topics within the customer journey. You may even identify gaps in the content where nobody really is doing a good job at having the best answer and that’s that low hanging fruit that you’re looking for.

If you’re a SaaS marketer and you’re trying to answer the question, “What’s the next piece of content I should write?”, I would encourage you to do the research and analysis on your customer journey, the topics that live within that customer journey related to your business, how you can win on each of those topics, and where there might be some low hanging fruit.

That’s going to get you some quick SEO wins.

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