Google Customer Journey Tool – Revisited

Online Customer Journey Tool

It has been over a year since we first blogged about the Google Customer Journey Tool. Well, recently they came out with an update to the tool. They’ve been busy analyzing millions of consumer interactions via Google Analytics. So the new tool leverages even more data and provides additional customer touchpoints. So now you can pick an industry, the size of company and even the geography – and “voilà” – you have a valid benchmark for how different marketing channels affect online purchase decisions. By better understanding the roles these channels play you can move the dial and get measurable results.

We leverage this tool to help us better pair the content our clients are creating (for their customers/evangelists to consume, share and engage with) to these channels and the benchmarked online customer journey.

Want to try the Google Customer Journey Tool? Just click on the image below.

Google Customer Journey Tool

Coordinating marketing channels just got a lot easier with the Google Customer Journey Tool! Give it a try and let us know what you learn!

by Josh Becerra

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