5 Ways Saas Marketing Is Different: Augurian Marketing

5 Ways SaaS Marketing Is Totally Different

SaaS companies are different. SaaS is nimble. SaaS is about high-tempo growth. SaaS companies attract certain types of talent and nowhere does that shine through more than with an experienced SaaS marketing team. If you’re here, you’re probably on a SaaS marketing team or a SaaS founder. Good news; this article is going to get straight…

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Strategic Frameworks for Digital Marketing

Strategic Frameworks For Digital Marketing

In this video, Shin takes three widely accepted concepts about product-market fit and looks at them through the lens of three strategic frameworks for digital marketing that all marketers should be paying attention to. These strategic frameworks for digital marketing include: the adoption curve of digital tactics the intersection of market forces and your digital…

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Modern Augury: Augurian’s Framework for Success

Roman emperors relied on ancient augurs to provide insight. Today, the team at Augurian has taken that concept to deliver sophisticated strategic digital marketing solutions that provide clients with clarity and confidence. Colin Hirdman, Augurian’s President, lays out the 6 key components of modern Augury – the framework our team uses to drive success for…

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AdWords Quality Score – Mystery Solved!

What gets your ads to show higher than your competition? What reduces your cost every time your ad is clicked? What makes you sit back, kick your feet up on the desk and laugh at your competitors? QUALITY SCORE! Here is how Google defines Quality Score:  “Quality Score is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords,…

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