micah perzichilli augurian headshot

Micah Perzichilli

Micah has over a decade of experience working in the digital marketing space starting his early career in Paid Media and SEO then continuing his journey into agency operations and to his current role as VP of Finance.

He has worn many hats at Augurian, but ultimately is passionate about solving problems with smart people and building an engaging culture where people love to come to work everyday. He is a systems and process thinker and believes simple solutions are often the right answer. 

Micah studied advertising and strategic communication at the University of Minnesota where he earned his BA from the Hubbard School of Journalism. 

Random Facts:

  • Spent 6 months traveling the US in an RV with his wife and 2 boxer dogs. They eventually broke down permanently outside of Seattle… RIP 1995 Safari Trek.
  • Competes as an amateur in backyard BBQ and hosts an annual BBQ charity event. Also, loves to bring in smoked meats for team events. 
  • Migrates south every winter to St Petersburg, FL, a place he considers home just as much as St Paul, MN.