Driving 2x Return for an Ecommerce Biz on Amazon

Driving a 2x Return for an Ecommerce Business on Amazon with Jasmine Hippe

Amazon represents a massive opportunity for e-commerce brands – but it can be tricky to find success on the ever-changing platform.

Hear from Senior Analyst Jasmine Hippe about how we drove a 200% increase in return on Amazon for a niche clothing brand using Amazon’s PPC offerings.

Leveraging Amazon to Grow E-commerce Revenue

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VIDEO Transcription


Josh Becerra: Hi, everybody. This is Josh Becerra. I’m here with Jasmine Hippe. We’re going to be talking about Amazon today. A lot of people I don’t think, know that Augurian manages Amazon for our e-commerce clients, and of course, it’s the biggest e-commerce platform out there. Jasmine has been doing some great work for a niche apparel manufacturer. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about the work that you’re doing?

Jasmine Hippe: First, I’d like to say that Amazon is a massive opportunity obviously for e-commerce brands. I would really encourage all e-commerce brands to at least try out Amazon and look into the advertising side because they’re always changing their platform. They’re adding new features, now is a really good time to be on the platform. With this client, in particular, we’re struggling to gain traction on Amazon.

What we did is we looked into third-party management tools because the platform was a little clunky and hard to manage our campaigns in. They’re changing that now. We found a really awesome third-party tool that was going to benefit our campaigns a lot.

Josh: Cool, so how did it benefit? What did you do? What did you see?

Jasmine: The cool benefits of the tool was that it allowed us to one, do Amazon-specific keyword research, and in Amazon, you can target not only keywords, but you can target other competitors’ products. That allowed us to expand our keyword and product targeting. Then we also were able to set up automated rules to manage our bids and our keywords, and that just really helps things take off.

What we did is using that keyword research, we built a really expansive list of keywords and products to target. Then using only exact match targeting, we built out those campaigns for each product. We wanted to just use exact match because it’s such a niche brand, we really wanted to cut the waste.

Josh: For sure.

Jasmine: We saw awesome results.

Josh: That’s what I was just about to ask. What were the results of using this third-party tool and all this research?

Jasmine: We saw a massive increase in revenue, a massive decrease in our advertising cost of sales. To be exact, we saw a 200% increase in return month over month.

Josh: That’s crazy, 200%. What e-commerce client wouldn’t want to see that, right?

Jasmine: Yes. They were pretty excited.

Josh: I know we’re doing other things like sponsored brand ads, so why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?

Jasmine: Sponsored brand ads are a relatively new Amazon ad format. They appear at the top of the Amazon search engine results page, kind of as a masthead ad. It allows brands to really take over a large portion of that screen and show off a few products. We’ve been doing that kind of doing some competitor product and keyword bidding through there and really trying to just reach new customers.

Josh: Basically, the banner isn’t showing on every Amazon user just like maybe the people who are on some of our, like the competitors’ products, and then boom, they get to see our client’s product. Right?

Jasmine: Exactly. Early results are showing great success with that, so we’re really excited.

Josh: Amazon, it’s an amazing platform. It’s got some great third-party tools that if you use them effectively, you can see these awesome results, like 200% increases in revenue.

Jasmine: Exactly.

Josh: Awesome. Thanks, Jasmine. That’s it for today. We’ll see you next time.



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