Driving Engagement Through Gallery Ads In Paid Search


Images and video can have a big impact on driving engagement, so it’s important to use them in your search ads.

With best practices for Gallery Ads, it’s easier to dominate the SERP and boost click-through-rates. In this video Jasmine talks with Josh about what Gallery Ads are, how we are driving engagement through Gallery Ads in paid search and the results we’re seeing.


Josh: Hey, everybody. This is Josh from Augurian.

Jasmine: Hi, I’m Jasmine. I’m a paid media analyst here.

Josh: Yes. Today, we’re going to be talking about awesome successes we’re seeing with gallery ads. Jasmine’s been working with a client that does home exteriors and seeing great success. Tell us a little bit about gallery ads.

Jasmine: Gallery ads are a new search ad format that you’ll see in the mobile SERP. They feature four to eight swipeable images of anything you want. You can include a tag line of each image. This is great. It gives advertisers a lot more space on the SERP. Images are going to leave a much more lasting impression than just text ads.

Josh: Yes, for sure. We all agree that either video or pictures is what gets our attention, not just text.

Jasmine: Yes.

Josh: You’re seeing this with our client. What kind of results are we getting?

Jasmine: We have been doing these ads for a home exteriors client and saw a lot of search queries coming through, specifically around exterior designs, exterior colors. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. We’re seeing up to 50% higher click-through rates already, so much higher engagement.

Josh: Awesome.

Jasmine: Super exciting.

Josh: I know the client is excited because we got an awesome email giving Jasmine kudos on these gallery ads. Anything else you want to tell people about gallery ads?

Jasmine: I would say start using them early. Test them out. I think they’re a great opportunity for B2B or B2C. You can find great ways to make use of this extra real estate.

Josh: Awesome. Well, great work, Jasmine. Thanks so much. That’s it for today. Gallery ads, use them.

Jasmine: Do it.

Josh: All right. Thanks.

Jasmine: Thank you.

Josh: Bye.

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