Augur Insights #3: Doubling Conversion Rates With Google Audiences

Doubling conversion rates with google audiences

In this edition of Augur Insights, Maddy explains how she’s doubling conversion rates with Google audiences.


There are a number of different Google Ads Audience Targeting options that exist today. In Maddy’s example she’s made use of the Detailed Demographics to get amazing results for a client.

Detailed Demographics Audiences









Here is where you can find more information about Google Ads Audience Targeting.

Transcription of Video

Josh: Hi everybody I’m Josh from Augurian and this is Maddy.

Maddy: Hi, I’m Maddy. I’m a Paid Media Analyst here.

Josh: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about some great successes we’ve been getting with a client. What’s going on?

Maddy: We use a lot of audiences within Google ads, for example, In-market Audiences where you can pick specific things that people are shopping for. Affinity audiences that are interest categories. One of the newer ones is called Detailed Demographics. It includes their marital status and your income. The one that I have had a lot of success with is the Parental Status Audience.

I have a client that is marketing to parents of younger children and we’re able to target specific groups of parents. For example, parents of teens, parents of infants and parents of toddlers. I’m able to tailor the ad copy, to market to that specific person. For example, when you’re targeting, parents of infants you can really appeal to what they would want to hear.

Josh: What are some of the results that we’re seeing?

Maddy: Well we’ve actually seen conversion rates increased by 50%. We’ve also seen our ROAS double – spending less and earning more. We’re seeing great results, yes.

Josh: All right. Well, thanks Maddy for your time. Thanks for the great work and we’ll see you next time. Bye.

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