Augur Insights #1: Cutting Your B2B CPA in Half

In this edition of Augur Insights, entitled “Cutting Your B2B CPA in Half“, Jason shares with Josh how Augurian was able to achieve a 66% decrease in CPA for a cybersecurity company – just two months after taking over the account from another agency.

Learn what changes were made in the account as well as the changes to ad copy that helped drive these results.



Josh: 66% decrease in cost per acquisition. Hi everybody. I’m Josh. I’m the VP of strategy here at Augurian. I’m here with Jason.

Jason: Senior page search manager.

Josh: Today we’re going to be sharing a 66% decrease in cost per acquisition in two months.

Jason: A lot of it had to do with the granularity of the campaign structure that we built out. We changed the ad copy pretty significantly and we also launched on some additional channels. So many brands, they have some brand message, some slogan that they want the whole world to know of.

Josh: People don’t want that.

Jason: It means nothing to them. It doesn’t resonate at all. People have problems and they’re looking for a solution. That’s what they want to hear. An ad that addresses their hopes also squelches their fears. We try to address those in the ad copy by really learning about the shop or working closely with the client.

Josh: This is a B2B cybersecurity client.

Jason: Absolutely. Rather than this hard sell ad copy, we offer high intent to help people answer that question.

Josh: Is that content?

Jason: Absolutely.

Josh: We’ve also moved to other publishers.

Jason: Bing is often forgotten. Bing controls around 20% of search volume.

Josh: A lot of business people who are on Microsoft products. The other thing about Bing is their connection now with LinkedIn and do that LinkedIn targeting. 66% decrease in cost per acquisition. Thanks Jason for your time. Hopefully, it helped you have more confidence in your digital marketing investments. Thank you.

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