LinkedIn Targeting in Bing Ads

LinkedIn targeting in Bing Ads

Yes, LinkedIn targeting in Bing Ads is for real. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn signifies that the Bing Ads platform and LinkedIn are now family and this is a BIG win for marketers.

For quite some time smart B2B marketers have been leveraging LinkedIn to target their buyers using custom audiences. With this new bond between Bing Ads and LinkedIn marketers can target the LinkedIn custom audiences they’ve been using – in Bing search ads as well.

Here is a video where Jason, with the help of “Office Dog Maddy”, walks through how to get LinkedIn targeting in Bing Ads set up.



Jason Stempel: Man, did you know that you can target all of your B2B audiences from LinkedIn with search ads in Bing? Hi, I’m Jason, Senior Paid Media Manager here at Augurian. Today, we’re going to be talking about B2B marketing. Now, every B2B organization wants to be able to reach the right customers. That’s why LinkedIn is so phenomenal for B2B marketing, but the biggest complaint that I hear with LinkedIn marketing is that it’s expensive.

The average cost per click is quite high on LinkedIn. Wouldn’t it be great if you could target in a search engine with search ads, the same people that you’re targeting in LinkedIn? Well, you can, but most people don’t know that you can. The great thing is that Microsoft owns LinkedIn, and Microsoft owns the Bing search engine. You can automatically connect the great B2B targeting options for job title, industry and even the company into Bing. I’m going to show you how to set that up today.

If you click the link below, we’re offering free resources. We’re including the link to the beta program. A master list that I’ve created of all of the LinkedIn targeting options that are within Bing. Then third, I’ll be offering my tactical recommendations in writing. Here, I clicked the link to the LinkedIn integration application process. First question, do you have a Microsoft Bing ads account manager? This is important, you want to answer no or not sure.

Maybe you do. Just don’t even involve them. You can just click no or not sure. Then it’s an automated system, it’ll just push you right into the beta program. The next question, which e-mail address should we use to notify you about the LinkedIn targeting beta? Something that’s important here is you probably won’t get an e-mail. The next question, which bing ads accounts would you like to join this beta? Please enter one account number per line.

If you’re managing a whole bunch of accounts, you can enter all of those account IDs but if you’re just managing one, look in your Bing ads account, find the account ID and list it here. Then you just click continue. It’s going to thank you. In five to seven business days, you should see those LinkedIn targeting options available to you in your Bing account. I’ll show you what that looks like. You’ll notice that there are some more targeting options that have been added.

The way that these targeting functions work they’re bid modifier, so in order to activate it, you do need to assign some degree of bid modification. You’ll want to assign a -90% bid adjustment to any industry or job function that you don’t want to target because that’s the largest negative or positive bid adjustment you can add in bid. Add a +1% bid adjustment to any industry or job function that you do want to target.

1% seems really small, think of it like a toll to be able to use this targeting functionality that’s being brought in from LinkedIn. Something to note about Bing is that the average cost per click is just so much cheaper than even Google search that you don’t want to start bidding up way more than you need to get the click or to show your ad in the option. You might be paying like one-fifth or one-sixth, what you could expect to have to pay Google in the same type of ad option.

Just give it that a little boost of the 1% and then you’re able to use this LinkedIn target. I hope this is really helpful to you. If you’re in B2B, you should absolutely be using LinkedIn targeting. In Bing, you have nothing to lose everything to gain. It’s a great option for your business and absolutely will be low cost.

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