Augur Actionables: Dynamic Geo Insertion

dynamic geo insertion

In this edition of Augur Actionables, Jasmine explains how to use Google’s Ad Customizer Feature to dynamically populate a searcher’s location into your ad copy.

We’ve seen an average of 70% increase in CTR for ads that use this dynamic geo insertion technique.



Jasmine: Hi I’m Jasmine. I’m a paid media analysts here at Augurian. Today I’m going to show you how to use Google’s ad customizer feature to dynamically populate searcher’s location into your ad copy. Let’s get started. To do this process you need to start with some kind of CSV file that houses your data. This is going to have two columns. The first column is going to be the column that you want Google to populate into your ad copy. I can name that column Local. You can name it whatever you want. You need to define the attribute in parentheses here to left Google knows what kind of attribute it is. If it’s text, we can also do numbers, price, ad customizers are available for a variety of features here.

The second column you’re going to want to tell Google what your target is. In this case, it’s a location. I just have all these cities from Minnesota here. That when somebody from anywhere in Minnesota, searches, see and over and the ad copy. It’s going to be super relevant to them. Once you have your file, you’re going to go to your Google Ads, you’re going to go into your tools here, and go to your business data. This is where you upload your file. You just add it, choose file and name it whatever you want. In this case, I’ve named mine cities. We are going to reference the name when writing your ad copy. Let me show you how that works.

When you’re writing your ad copy you’re going to start here with this curly brackets. Put your equal sign in there and Google is going to automatically populate all the business data lists that you have there below. Select the one you want, so cities. Then it’s going to automatically populate to that column of the attributes that you told it you want to populate into your ad copy. In this case, it’s Local. You can see it there sampling and over Apple Valley. That’s what’s going to populate into my ad. I want that. Then you may also use a colon and tell it if you can’t figure out somebody’s location. Maybe I just want to say twin cities. That’s generally easy enough. You can also do any description here. Test it out. Let us know how it goes. I hope you find this helpful.

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