Welcome Sairam Venkatasubramanian, Digital Marketing Associate

Welcoming our latest addition to the Organic Search team, Sairam Venkatasubramanian.

Sairam started in marketing as a college student, working for a pizzeria to plan and launch field events, social media campaigns, and store promotions. He switched out of a finance major, and into marketing, opting to take classes that focused on strategy, marketing theory, and product development. In an effort to innovate in his first position after college, he enrolled in SEO courses offered for free through a digital agency. After completing all available modules, he applied his study by launching the company’s first organic SEO initiative.

Since his first experimentation with SEO, Sairam has continued to find work that would allow him to develop as an SEO, and digital marketer. His fascination with technology drives his interest in digital marketing, and his willingness to learn new skills and practices fuels his ambition to be a competent SEO. At his core, Sairam wants to enrich the searcher’s experience, bringing them accurate, relevant, and well optimized content.

Random Facts:
-Sairam’s favorite color is blue
-His love of coffee leads him to collect beans gathered from local roasters all over the United States
-His favorite sport to watch is college basketball

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