Digital Marketing Memes

10 Memes That Accurately Sum Up What It’s Like Being a Digital Marketer

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1. When AdWords Spend Came in Over Budget

broad match keywords meme

2. Some Clients Are Very Demanding


3. The Dreaded “You Must Log Out of All Other Accounts”

Switch Account On Google Meme

4. The SEO Work is Done and You’re Waiting On Results

Waiting On SEO Progress

5. When Retargeting Finally Starts To Work

Retargeting Meme

6. Some Clients Are Digital Believers…

Viral Blog Meme

7. …And Some Focus On Other Types of Marketing

Media Client Meme

8. Some of Your Coworkers Disagree On Browsers…


9. …And Others On Social Media Platforms

Google Plus Meme

10. But We All Disagree On Google’s Algorithm

Google Seo Algorithm Meme