The perfect marriage between Google Analytics and your CRM data

Closed-Loop Analytics allows you to see how much revenue is being generated from specific digital marketing channels.

It’s the Holy Grail of marketing!

For example, how much revenue did Google Search, Facebook, Organic Search, or Referral traffic generate?

We can help you see this in Google Analytics by integrating your CRM data.

Historically, Google Analytics was not able to capture CRM post-conversion data because all of that activity was happening in your CRM. That meant you were forced to make decisions about your marketing investments with a very incomplete picture at best, or a blind guess at worst.

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Augurian’s Closed-Loop Analytics solves that.

With Closed-Loop Analytics your marketing team will know not only what marketing efforts drive leads, but also how much revenue specific marketing efforts are generating.

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Augurian's Closed-Loop Analytics Process, which includes: Strategic discovery, Strategy, Setup, QA/Testing, Launch, and Reporting.

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