You need reasons to start a Google Plus account? Well, here are 20!

I ran accross this awesome infographic that identifies 20 reasons to start a Google Plus account. However, out of those 20 i’ve picked the top five reasons why businesses need to start a Google Plus account, and here they are:

#5 – Integration with Google Services
A whole lot of businesses are now using Google Apps: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Analytics, etc. If your business is using any of these Google services setting up a Google Plus account is easy. For example you can now share Google Docs in a Google Hangout! So not only can you host a virtual meeting with your telecommuting staff from all over the world – you can even collaborate on the same document while in the hangout. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to integration!

#4 – Circles are Awesome
The way that Google Circles work more closely mimics real offline relationships. For example, I have a circle of connections that I have met through Monkey Island. I have a Circle for my close friends and family. Why does this matter? Well, think about how Facebook works. All of your connections receive every post all the time. With Google Plus Circles you can post certain content to certain circles. So if I don’t want to bore my wife, brother, mom, uncles and cousins with my diatribe about Google Plus I just post it to my Monkey Island Circle. And vice versa, if I don’t want my professional contacts to see my halloween costume I post it to my friends and family Circle. Basically I can always stay on message with each respective audience by leveraging Google Circles and that is good for business.

#3 – Hangouts
I already mentioned Google Hangouts above. What is important about hangouts is that you can now have all the functionality of a GotoMeeting and more for FREE! I recently was interviewed in a Google Hangout and found the interaction with the moderator and the audience much more engaging that other paid platforms I have used to date.

#2 – Better Ads
Every social network is trying to crack the advertising nut. Both Facebook and Twitter are experimenting t find the best most effective way of putting relevant ads in front of users. Well, Google Plus will be launching ads soon. Of course Google’s core competency is pairing relevant, targeted ads to consumers – can you say AdWords? AdSense? So expect the Google Plus ads platform to outperform the other social networks right out the gate.

(And the #1 reason why businesses need to start a Google Plus account is…drum roll…)
#1 – Better for Business
Google is calling Google Plus its “social layer” and is already influencing search results. If one of your posts is “plus’ed” by someone it is given priority in search results. If the people “plus’ing” your content are also recognized as thought leaders in the area/topic you are writing about the content is indexed even higher. Similarly, when you “plus” content then Google is going to poll the sites where this content came from to show you relevant results from those pages first. So the more traction you get on your Google Plus profile the more often your content will show up in search results.

Click on the image below to go to all 20 reasons why businesses need to start a Google Plus account.

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by Josh Becerra

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