Why Did We Choose “Have Confidence” As Our Tagline?

We’re often asked why we chose ‘Have Confidence’ for our tagline.

At Augurian, we work with our clients to provide clarity and confidence in their digital marketing investments. Learn from Josh Becerra (VP of Strategy) and Colin Hirdman (President) how confidence plays a critical role in the way we operate as a digital marketing agency – from deciphering data with analytics to strategic planning and straightforward, in-depth reporting.


Josh Becerra: Hi, everybody, this is Josh Becerra from Augurian. I’m here with Colin Hirdman. We thought it would be fun to just talk about confidence. Have Confidence is a tagline at Augurian. A lot of people wonder, “Well, why did you choose that?” I think it just came out of a bunch of experiences, like talking with clients, talking with in-house people, and hearing what their problems are. Won’t you say that that’s where it started, the germination of the idea anyway?

Colin Hirdman: Yes, I think when we were originally putting Augurian together as an organization, one of the things that we wanted to do when we were looking at the word Augurian coming from the word augur, and what augurs were back in Roman times, a lot of it really is about giving confidence. That was something that was pretty much as original to Augurian as the name is, have confidence. That’s something that I think it’s just absolutely core to what we do. It’s really been part of the ethos that we’ve built since day one.

Josh: I feel like we would hear people talk about how they weren’t sure if they were looking at the right data, or if the numbers were right. Or were the strategies that they were trying to execute on, the right strategies? Were they working? I heard, anyway, over and over again, this lack of confidence in the data and what the activities and strategies they were undertaking. I think we’ve done a good job at building a process and having this level of communication from our teams, and transparency that really do allow people to feel like yes, those are real numbers. They’re irrefutable numbers, and we can see how the activities and actions strategies that Augurian is doing for us are actually having an impact.

Colin: Again, when we were thinking about building Augurian and where confidence came from, it really is trying to take the best of what an agency represents, and getting rid of the rest. A lot of that is having people that really know what they’re doing, that have deep expertise. As you said earlier, just the whole idea around confidence being brought up by prospects, that we were talking to, confidence is really a multi-layered word. It’s a rich word in so many ways. When I was looking at synonyms of confidence, words like assurance, words like certainty, those certainly are normal associations that we have with confidence.

Then there’s the other side of it, to me, which is really the more impactful side, which is that whole emotional side. Like poise, being able to have morale. Those are also emotional synonyms that get attached to the word confidence. I think that’s a really big component of what it means to have confidence. Not only is it about the numbers, but then it’s also about how you feel about it, how you feel about sharing that information with others on your team, and moving forward in a way that really allows you to feel at peace with the data that you’re seeing.

Josh: I feel like a lot of our contacts on the client-side and internal teams, they have to report the ROI of our efforts that we’re working on together with them. They have to report that up the chain. They need to feel like what I’m reporting is real, it’s irrefutable, and we can do more of this and have a clear story that they can share and tell about what’s been done, the results of that, what are the insights from the results, and what are the recommendations, and what are our strategies moving forward?

I feel like sometimes in our industry, what is given to the people on the client-side is really just a set of reports with green arrows pointing up, and red arrows pointing down, and a bunch of data, but there’s this lack of story that I think is what I have heard repeatedly from our clients. It’s really helpful about Augurian is we are helping them tell that story, we’re helping them shape that narrative, and get buy-in from below the chain and at the leadership level.

Colin: Yes, I totally agree. I believe, like you said, it is multi-layered in that it definitely has to do with data. It has to do with emotion. Then it also has to do with the platforms that this data is coming out of, and having confidence that the website is performing the way that you believe it is, that paid advertising is performing the way that you believe it is.

Analytics has kind of this foundation from which you’re deriving a lot of those insights, and I think that’s one of the biggest areas that we feel clients have a lack of confidence, is really in their analytics, which is what you need in order to tell a robust story.

Beyond even just analytics, it’s being able to pull out the appropriate information out of analytics to help tell a comprehensive story that is easy for people to understand because analytics can kind of be a–

Josh: Yes, it gets crazy.

Colin: Yes, you can go down the rabbit hole in a million different ways. Part of the skill is being able to extract what’s most important and showing that that’s aligning to business value, to business goals, and really being able to show value wise.

Josh: The last thing that at least has come to mind for me when you were talking about emotion, I think what we also understand is that our internal clients, they have a choice. They chose Augurian as their partner. That choice has implications for them personally.

Colin: For sure.

Josh: If they make a bad choice in choosing a partner, and all of the KPI’s don’t deliver or things go in the wrong direction, that could have material impact on their job, on their bonus. I do think that because of our augury, those four key pillars: strategy, process, data, communication, layered on with transparency, does really create that clarity and confidence.

We wanted to just talk a little bit about why we chose “Have Confidence.” Hopefully this gives a little bit more insight into that tagline. If you’re looking for confidence in your digital marketing investments, you know where to look.

Colin: Yes, thanks so much.

Josh: Thanks everybody. Bye.

Colin: Bye.
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