Welcoming Our Newest Cohort Of Coordinators

We’re really excited to welcome our most recent cohort of new coordinators to Augurian. Our Coordinator Program is a training program that helps individuals that demonstrate a lot of potential the opportunity to learn all about how to do digital marketing right.

Many Augurian team members have started in our Coordinator Program and have become key contributors at Augurian, advancing in their careers and taking on many more responsibilities. Notable alumni include: Arin Arpinar, Maddy Goeser, Lydia Andresen and Cassie Burke.

Now, let’s turn our attention to our newest cohort:

Seydi Ba

Seydi got started in digital marketing in college as a social media coordinator for a student organization he was a part of. After that, Seydi went after every opportunity he could to gain more digital marketing experience. After he graduated he started out by doing consulting work for various companies, expanding his knowledge of various strategies such as email, social, and content marketing. 

Seydi is excited to pursue digital marketing further and gain expertise in paid media. He loves that digital marketing constantly presents new opportunities to learn and grow. No day or project is exactly the same. Seydi is passionate about figuring out solutions to clients problems and helping their business thrive in new and creative ways. 

Random facts:
  • Seydi loves anything involving basketball: Watching, studying, talking, or playing. Obsessed may not be a stretch. If you want to hoop, he’s your guy to talk to.
  • In his free time you can find Seydi drawing. He is always looking for ideas of what to draw next.
  • Seydi loves to travel and have new experiences. One of his favorite experiences was swimming with sharks. He recommends it to anyone who has the opportunity.



Kevin Malecha

Kevin got his start in digital marketing while in college when he was introduced to Google Analytics. Immediately fascinated with the program, he swiftly became certified and decided to pursue a degree in Marketing Analytics at the University of Minnesota Duluth. His degree has set him up for an analytical role, as his experience in learning new programs has taught him how to learn on his feet and adapt to new challenges.

Kevin is inspired by the incredible insights and information analytics can provide marketers. His goal is to learn more about the many systems and software that contribute to the success of marketing initiatives and to be a proactive and helpful member of every team he is on. Now, Kevin has joined our team to foster his curiosity and passion for all things analytics. He is excited to put to work his knowledge and enthusiasm!

Random Facts:
  • Kevin loves to hone his craft in wood working when he gets the chance, and would love to delve into black smithing as well.
  • He loves to wear flannels as much as he can.
  • Kevin has a love for dad jokes that rivals his own father, despite not having children himself.



Marci Ricklick

We are excited to welcome Marci Ricklick to Augurian as a Paid Media Analyst! Marci’s digital marketing journey began through building a website and managing digital advertising for her first business selling backyard pet chickens. She received her Business Administration – Marketing degree with a minor in Spanish and Animal Science from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls as well as completed a Graphic and Web Design Certificate. From there she became a Marketing Manager at a cabinet store. In that role she managed social media, paid media, organic posts, ad campaigns, brand content creation, print and digital marketing collateral, graphic design, and website development.

Later, she started a keyword research consulting business that provided business development and sales support through digital content management and analysis of data. She worked with a variety of businesses to execute search engine optimization strategies in keyword research analysis, website copy writing, and blogging to support the sales and business development goals of her clients.

Marci’s passion for digital marketing fuels her to continuously expand her knowledge and skills in the industry so she can deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions and drive measurable success for her clients.

rANDOM Facts:
  • Marci completed a marathon in 2016.
  • She loves horseback riding and competed on the Western Show Team in college. She even went to a dude ranch for vacation and worked at another one as a trail guide.
  • Marci was talked into skydiving for her friend’s golden birthday.
  • She is a black belt in Kung Fu.
  • Marci loves hiking at national parks and has been to a few different ones like Glacier, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Acadia, and Zion.


Abhi Sarabu

Abhi recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and is very excited to start his career here at Augurian. For Abhi, the Midwest has been his home, from Dubuque to Madison to Milwaukee and now Minneapolis, he’s been heading to a bigger city with every move.

One of Abhi’s passions is Entrepreneurship, he believes that being a better marketer makes you a better entrepreneur. With his experience of running a collegiate Entrepreneurship student Organization and being a Coordinator for a non-profit organization helping underprivileged entrepreneurs in Milwaukee. Abhi has been immersed in the community and understands the impact quality marketing has on the performance of companies regardless of size.

rANDOM Facts:
  • Abhi loves music and has a music label to produce and distribute music. His label achieved a total of 50,000 streams recently.
  • Being from Wisconsin Abhi is an avid basketball watcher and a big fan of the Milwaukee bucks.
  • Abhi also loves to be outdoors, you can frequently find him at random state and national parks on the weekends.



Dylan Sherman

Dylan graduated from Augsburg University in 2020 obtaining his bachelor’s degree in marketing. During his education, Dylan developed his knowledge in digital marketing and learned how to utilize key software in the industry. He is passionate about learning new things all the time and sharpening his skills. He is now jumping into his first position with a digital marketing agency where he hopes to translate his education into a career. At Augurian, Dylan will undergo training to become an expert in paid media.

Dylan loves working with data and understanding how large sets of data can be used to optimize ad campaigns and ensure that clients are getting the most out of their advertising efforts. He is enthusiastic about following the ever-changing world of digital marketing and adapting to whatever the future holds.

Random Facts:
  • Dylan loves to travel and experience new cultures. He has spent time visiting several countries across Europe as well as traveling all around the USA.
  • Dylan is an avid soccer fan and spent most of his life growing up playing as well. (Go Chelsea!)
  • Dylan loves to read nonfiction books to learn about a new topic.



Monica Synstelien

Monica joins Augurian with a background in digital marketing and a knack for empowering businesses and organizations through digital storytelling. Monica discovered her passion for digital marketing as a consultant. What started as social media and community management for one brand quickly expanded to developing creative digital marketing plans and brand guides for a diverse portfolio of small companies and nonprofits across Minnesota.

Realizing successful digital marketing requires successful search engine optimization, Monica joins our team as a Digital Marketing Coordinator on the Organic Search Team. With professional values rooted in utility and a mantra of “helping businesses be present online,” it is her love of helping people which makes her a stellar marketer. Her favorite thing about SEO is the dynamic nature of its constant evolution. As a lifelong learner, she loves constantly improving her mastery of digital marketing concepts to deliver measurable results for clients.

Random facts:
  • Monica is a licensed advanced practice esthetician and is always ready to talk about the latest trends in skincare and wellness.
  • Her favorite smell is petrichor.
  • She is a proud pet mom to two cats and one dog.
  • Despite being a dedicated digital marketer, Monica is also an avid camper and makes an effort to spend her weekends “off the grid”.


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